Etiqueta: Saint James’ Way

Our Pilgrim’s menu

Tradition has it that the tomb of the apostle James the Great was discovered in 814 in Compostela, under the reign of Alphonse II. Alphonse is considered the first pilgrim and he started the Original Way, which departs from Oviedo’s Cathedral. In the Middle Ages they built a street outside the walls of the city that ended at the Gascons’ Gate of the old medieval wall, and a great number of houses and trades were grouped there.

The intense economic activity in medieval Oviedo attracted the Gascons to the city due to the many French pilgrims who came to the city to revere the relics in the Cathedral of San Salvador on the Pilgrims’ Route.

Twelve centuries later, the old quarter has turned into Gascona Street and in in our Sidrería (Cider house) La Manzana we still offer the pilgrims of Saint James’ Way our menu.

Pilgrim’s menu

La Peral cheese with wine jelly  Monasterio de Corias

Pote Asturiano with compango


Arroz con leche (traditional rice pudding) or apple pudding

16 € drinks included (check drinks)

¡Buen Camino!